Norske Emilie fra dokumentarserien Stuck sammen med barnebruden Paroti
New episodes of the TV-series STUCK are out now. The series, made in cooperation with Plan International, takes you beneath the surface of some of the severest violations of children's rights in the world today.

The series follows Norwegian Emilie K. Beck (26) who travels the world to meet girls that do not have the same opportunities as her – under-aged girls who are forced into marriage, who have children, who experience sexual abuse and are stuck in harmful relationships.

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The new episodes of STUCK provide unique insights into the challenges girls are facing in poor areas in Brazil, Haiti and Nicaragua. Emilie meets girls who live in extremely difficult situations – and who show great strength.

STUCK has been nominated for two Gullruten awards (Norwegian Emmys). The new episodes of STUCK are produced by TV Wonder for the news media Aftenposten in cooperation with Plan International. 

A pressing global problem

Sexual abuse and child marriage are severe violations of basic human rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Girls who become pregnant or married as children, most often have to quit school, without the opportunity to work outside from home or earning their own money. Child marriage and teenage pregnancies cause greater health risks, higher mortality rates and higher risk of complications during pregnancy and birth. These girls are additionally more exposed to domestic violence and abuse.

You can make a difference  

With more supporters Plan can do more to end child marriage and sexual abuse. Become a sponsor and support our work for a better and safer future for children. 

New episodes

Ep. 1: Just sex


Ep. 2: Only 13


Ep. 3: A nightmare


Ep. 4: The hunt


Ep. 5: After the assault


Ep. 6: In God’s hands

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