Reporting unethical or illegal behavior in Plan International Norway

Plan International Norway have zero tolerance for corruption, sexual harassment, abuse, discrimination, and other forms of unethical or illegal behavior.

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We encourage anyone who witness or suspect such behavior to notify us, so that we take appropriate measures.

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Reporting suspected wrongdoing

Whistleblowing is reporting conditions or behavior that may be unethical, illegal, or in violation of Plan International Norway's own routines and guidelines.

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Ways to report

Openness will normally ensure better case handling and results for all involved parties, but reporting can also be done anonymously. The identity of the whistleblower will always be confidential. If open reporting is not possible, the whistleblower is encouraged to provide a written description of the situation that is as detailed as possible.

What happens when you report?

When you report, your message will be dealt with as quickly as possible. It will be handled in accordance with our guidelines. You will receive feedback on the outcome of the case.

Is it safe to report?

Plan International Norway will take care of the whistleblower and the person being reported, but we have a particular responsibility to protect those who report undesirable conditions and to make sure that they can do so without fear of retaliation or reprisals.


Ethical guidelines and other relevant documents

By following these guidelines, we ensure that reported cases is handled in a fair, respectful, and effective manner. By reporting, the whistleblower gives us the opportunity to improve as an organization and contributes to a safe encounter with Plan.